AROMALIN "Fiesta Latina" - MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER 33.8 Oz. (1,000 ML)

Multipurpose Cleaner


Aromalin "Fiesta Latina" SKU: 8167-1000



AROMALIN "Fiesta Latina" - MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER 33.8 Oz. (1,000 ML)

Long Lasting Fragrance

  • Especially conceived for the 66.5 million Hispanic consumers that represent 20% of the total US population.
  • Hispanic consumers in their home countries prefer:
  • Household cleaners with stronger fragrances.
  • Leave rooms deodorized with a long-lasting fragrance after cleaning.
  • Fragrances that differ from those found on most US brands.
  • Concentrated: one gallon makes 85 gallons of solution.
  • Available in: Lavanda (Lavender), Bebe (Baby Powder), Manzana (Green Apple), Canela (Cinnamon), and Floral.

For use on surfaces such as floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, trash cans and others.

For floors, mix 1.5 ounces per gallon of water and clean as usual.

For other surfaces, place a small amount on a cloth or sponge and wipe away.